Sophia-7 months old- I was adopted as a cute kitten and my family thought that it was ok to let me outside. I didnt know any better and I was hit by a car, my family took my to the vet and never came back. They were told I just had a concussion and I would be fine. They didnt believe the vet and thought that I would never be the same so I was left all alone. Home Sweet Home has made sure that I am healthy and I am a very social little lady. I just need a chance to be a kitten.
 We are 7 year old brothers- We were once the center of attention until our mom passed away. It was then that our dad's true colors came out. He hated us and started to starve us. Thank goodness Home Sweet Home Saved us and   is working hard to fatten us up. Please come give us a second chance we will love you foverver.                        
Colleen- 7 months
I am a victim of hurricane sandy.  My mom and I lived with a family on the
south shore.  I was just a few weeks old.
The house was flooding and everyone was leaving and somehow we got separated from the family.  I don't know how we
Survived - I guess my mom brought me to a high area away from the rising
waters. When things settled down, we went back to our home - but no one was living there. Our family had to move, so we waited and waited all winter long - even through the snow storm and winds for our family to come home.
A neighbor saw us huddled on the grass and looking for food - so she walked
over and was just able to pick us up. She couldn't keep us, as her house was in the middle of construction, so she brought us to a town shelter. So, now at least we were warm and had food and all our medical needs were met.  My mom is not  feeling well, so
She is still at a foster home for a while longer.  Home Sweet Home rescued me from the shelter - so I am here hoping someone of you can give me the loving safe home that I need.
Rocky-5years old Isabella 3 years old
Hello we are Rocky and Isabel and we know that this is a long shot but its worth a try. We would like to be adopted together. We met a few months a go at a town shelter after our families dumped us there. We found comfort in each other and now we just love each other. We promise to love you and your family also!
Angel-Hello my name is Angel and I am only 3 years old. I am named Angel because I have been given a second chance at life. I was in a town shelter and was not happy I had a tooth that needed to be pulled and it hurt. I was very cranky. Home Sweet Home knew there was more to my personality so off to the vet I went. Now that my tooth is pulled I am a happy cuddly girl. The only thing I need now is a forever home.
Donald- 7 months old-I was left in a carrier outside an office building my meows helped save me. A lady who worked in the building took me home and fostered me the Home Sweet Home took me in to their program. I am lovable, just a bit quiet since this is the first time I am around so many people. I can be held and just need the chance to enjoy being a kitten.
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